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Heshan Gelan outdoor products Co., Ltd is a company engaged in the production and processing of qingguang umbrella, tent, Oxford cloth, umbrella stand, sun umbrella, banner, apron, handbag, arch and other products. It has a complete and scientific quality management system.Heshan Glan outdoor products Co., LTD., integrity, strength and product quality has been recognized by the industry.Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guidance and business negotiations.


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Rich production experience

Over the years, we have focused on the production of outdoor products. Our main products are: clear umbrellas, tents, Oxford cloth, umbrella stands, sun umbrellas, banners, aprons, handbags, arches and other products.Accumulated rich experience.


Stable and reliable quality

Use solid metal to make the bracket, each connection accessories are durable, tent bracket strong, good pressure resistance and good material;Choose thick waterproof fabric, good waterproof, can shade, rain and wind effect.


Complete specifications and styles

Produce all kinds of outdoor tents, umbrellas, suitable for different occasions and environments;All price, variety, fully meet the diversified needs, to provide one-stop products and services.


Support customization

Focusing on customization, product materials can be selected, advertising logo can be printed, can be designed and printed according to your actual needs;Direct delivery of products to customers, eliminating the need for the same business link.

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Advantages of advertising sun umbrella in commercial publicity

Advertising sun umbrella is a kind of commonly used advertising materials. Because the umbrella can carry the advertising information of enterprises for publicity, it has been widely used in various publicity, promotion, exhibition and other occasions. Why advertising sun umbrella is so popular? The following small editor to specifically introduce the advantages of advertising sun umbrella in commercial publicity, hoping to help users better application of products. Advertising sun umbrella in c

Analysis of four characteristics of advertising solar umbrella

Advertising sun umbrella is a kind of commonly used advertising materials. Enterprises can print advertising information on the umbrella surface of advertising sun umbrella, and then place it in the publicity activities, which can play the role of advertising. In addition, what are the characteristics of the sun protection cloth in the advertisement of the sun? What are the characteristics of the sun protection cloth in the advertisement of the sun protection? What are the characteristics of the

Distinguishing method of advertising sun umbrella

Advertising sun umbrella is a common type of sun umbrella products, because the umbrella surface can print enterprise advertising information for publicity, so it is called advertising sun umbrella. Advertising sunshade itself is cheap, beautiful appearance, is widely used in corporate publicity activities, can play a good publicity effect. How to distinguish the pros and cons of advertising parasols? The distinguishing methods of advertising parasols: in fact, the advertising sun umbrellas prod

How to choose the right four corner folding advertising tent

Quadrangle tent is also known as folding tent, mobile tent and sunshade. It is practical and suitable for all occasions (school orientation, job fairs, outdoor stalls, etc.). How to choose when purchasing? Select the appropriate scale according to your place of use and the items placed: 2mx2m, 2.5mx2.5m, 2mx3m, 3mx3m, 3mx4.5m, 3mx6m, etc. consider the two main points, namely, the quality of top cloth and bracket. 1. Whether there are special personnel to follow up on the manufacturing? 2. Does t